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Vortex flow meters are some of the highest quality flowmeters in the industry. These flow meters measure the rate of flow of liquids, gases, and steam by analyzing the differences in the pressure of vortexes that are created in a substances flow.

Vortex flow meters are designed so that an obstruction is placed in the path of the flow. By doing so it forces the gases or liquids to find a way around the object, once the flow moves around the object two vortexes are created on opposite sides of the object which alters the pressure of the flow.Read More…Request for Quote

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A high tech sensor is in place between the two vortexes in order to measure the pressure and transmit it to an electronic signal condition which is found outside of the meter itself.

These meters are coveted due to their resistance to vibration, something that cannot be said about other flow meters, and they have no moving parts within them which means that they can measure a vast range of substances without having to worry about the viscosities and densities of the substance.

Vortex flow meters can be made from a number of different materials with stainless steel being the most common.

The type of material is determined depending on the type of application and the conditions that the flow meter will be exposed to within the confines of the application.

A different grade of stainless steel is used for applications which require a corrosive resistant material than applications which do not require that type of property.

Vortex flow meters are used across a number of different applications in order to determine profit margins as well as making sure things are running efficiently and smoothly.

Because of the wide range of materials that are used and the ability to work with both gases and liquids, the vortex flow meter is a product that you should consider for your applications.

As always consult a top of the line flow meter manufacturer in order to determine the best flow meter for your application and the specific needs and requirements of your company.

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