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Vortex flow meters are some of the highest quality flow meters in the industry.These flow meters measure the rate of flow of liquids, gases, and steam by analyzing the differences in the pressure of vortexes that are created in a substances flow. Read More...

Vortex Flow Meter Vortex flow meters are some of the highest quality flowmeters in the industry. These flow meters measure the rate of flow of liquids, gases, and steam by analyzing the differences in the pressure of vortexes that are created in a substances flow.

Sierra Instruments is a renowned company specializing in providing innovative and reliable flow meter solutions to its customers. With our years of experience, Sierra Instruments has become a leader in the flow meter industry by providing top-quality products and exceptional services to its clients.

Our flow meter products are designed to cater to a wide range of applications and...

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SIKA is a developer and manufacturer of flow meters and a wide variety of other measuring and monitoring systems. Since our inception, our aim has been to provide reliable and precise measurement, control and calibration technology for flow, level, temperature, pressure and force. Our extensive product range includes industrial and dial thermometers, thermometer protection tubes, flow sensors, ...

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Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex flow meters are designed so that an obstruction is placed in the path of the flow. By doing so it forces the gases or liquids to find a way around the object, once the flow moves around the object two vortexes are created on opposite sides of the object which alters the pressure of the flow.

Vortex flow meters are highly resistant to vibration, unlike other types of mass flow meters, and for this reason may be used in harsh processes and environmental conditions. The materials used vary depending on which substances will be used with the device. Stainless steel is the most common material; depending on which substances the flow meter will come into contact with, different grades of stainless steel are used with varying corrosion-resistant and strength properties. Vortex flow meters are used for in many industrial applications for flow measurements to help companies determine profit gain or loss as well as for efficiency purposes.

A vortex flow meter usually includes a bluff body, a vortex sensor and transmitter electronics which may be located in the assembly or mounted remotely. The majority of vortex flow meters use piezoelectric or capacitance sensors to detect the pressure changes around the bluff body. These flow meters may range in size from ½ inch to a foot in diameter. The bluff body is available in square, rectangular, T, and trapezoidal shapes; the best shape varies with each installation and application. It must be wide enough to accommodate the entire flow of the liquid or gas with protruding edges to correct any flow separation that occurs.

There are very many other kinds of flow meters aside from the vortex design including orifice, venture, positive displacement, turbine, electromagnetic, Doppler Effect, Coriolis, thermal mass, and more. Thermal mass flow meters take measurements by calculating how much heat loss occurs in the flowing liquid.Coriolis flow meters operate on the basis of the Coriolis Effect in which, an excitation force is applied to the flow meter tube, causing the fluid or gas to rotate because the acceleration acts in opposite directions on both sides of the applied force. Doppler Effect flow meters are ultrasonic and use sound to operate.

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Coriolis Flow Meters

Coriolis Flow Meters

A Coriolis flow meter measures mass by the inertia of a liquid or gas flowing through a vibrating tube that is equipped with a set of sensors at the inlets and outlets of the meter. The increased movement of the flow produces measurable oscillation that is proportional to the mass...

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Magnetic Flow Meters

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Mass Flow Meters

Mass Flow Meters

A mass flow meter is a way of measuring the volume or mass of a gas or liquid passing through a system at a specific point in the flow system. They are used to measure linear, nonlinear, mass, and volumetric flow rates...

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Ultrasonic Flow Meters

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Types of Flow Meters

Types of Flow Meters

A flow meter is a flow rate measuring device used to determine the linear or nonlinear mass and volumetric flow of a liquid or a gas. The many names of flow meters include flow gauge, flow indicator, liquid meter, and flow rate sensor...

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