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Positive displacement flow meters are devices that are used to measure the flow rate of a substance, most commonly a fluid. The thing that sets positive displacement flow meters apart is that it utilizes mechanical components that are shifted by the flow of liquid in order to gauge the rate of the flow of that fluid.

These flowmeters measure the volumetric flow rate of a fluid, but they are capable of providing the volumetric flow rate of a gas as well. A common analogy is to think of filling a bucket of water and then replacing that bucket with another bucket while timing the rate the second bucket is filled, with this information you can determine the flow rate assuming that appropriate pressure and temperature compensations are met. Read More…Request for Quote

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The positive displacement flow meters themselves are made up of a number of chambers through which the fluid flows, including a rotating mechanism that enables the flow to pass through in fixed volume amounts.

Positive Displacement Flow Meters
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The rate at which the mechanism is rotating is directly related to the flow rate of the fluid. There are two different categories within positive displacement flow meters, first sensor-only systems which offer additional capabilities, specifically an integrated user interface display, and transducers which provide electronic outputs for controllers, processors and data acquisition systems.

Both styles of positive displacement flow meters are highly accurate and can be used in applications that use dirty, corrosive, or even very viscous fluids. These meters are used in a number of different applications from chemical injection to hydraulic testing and other precision applications.

For each type of system there are specifications that you should pay attention to when shopping for the right flow meter such as minimum and maximum measureable flow rate, temperature range, operating pressure, connection size, percent accuracy, and maximum allowable material viscosity.

Having a better idea of what type of specifications your application requires is vital to finding the right positive displacement flow meter. We encourage you to find a trusted flow meter manufacturer to work with you.

They can assist you in finding a flow meter that will best fit your application and improve the overall efficiency of your system by monitoring the flow right within that system.