Official industry approved directory of Flow Meter Manufacturers and Suppliers.

Sierra Instruments Inc

Monterey, CA | 800-866-0200

Manufacturers of high performance mass flow meters and controllers for nearly any gas, liquid, or steam. Customers choose Sierra when they need an accurate and repeatable flow measurement, short delivery lead times, expert flow advice, and long term support.

Porter Instrument Division, Parker Hannifin Corp.

Hatfield, PA | 800-457-2001

The Porter Instrument Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation specializes in mass flow measurement and control products for critical industrial applications such as laboratory analysis, life sciences, high purity gas mixing and dilution, emissions monitoring and fuel cell Industries. Together, we can solve your toughest process flow challenges. Visit www.porterinstrument.com to learn more about our exceptional Series II mass flow meters and controllers.

Intek, Inc.

Westerville, OH | 888-569-3569

Over 30 years solving complex flow and engineering problems. Intek is the leader in precision thermal flow meters & switches for many liquid & gas flow applications: power generation, chemical, petrochemical, water, wastewater, biotech, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, nuclear, food & beverage, semiconductor, etc. So many industries trust Rheotherm® flow instruments for improved process performance.

ERDCO Engineering Corporation

Evanston, IL | 800-553-0550
Our flow meters are made fromthe highest quality materials. We work hard to ensure that we use the best materials because we know how important flow regulation is for safety and the effectiveness of your business processes. We are determined to exceed all your expectations and requirements, as well as go above and beyond the regulatory standards. When you come to ERDCO, you can count on quality. Contact us for more info!

John C. Ernst Co., Inc.

Sparta, NJ | 888-463-7678

As flow meter manufacturers, John C. Ernst’s measurement equipment can be digital or mechanical, in addition to a variety of other types for different measurements of flow. For each type, there are specific guidelines that are followed by companies like John C. Ernst to ensure proper usage. For more information, please call or go to their helpful website for full product descriptions.

RCM Industries, Inc.

Concord, CA | 800-356-4243

We are committed to quality, and it truly shines in all of our flow meters and flow control products. Our customers have come to expect the highest quality from us because they know that every product is backed by a team of engineering and manufacturing experts. Whatever your flow control or flow metering needs, we can help you identify the right products for your applications! Contact us to learn more!


West Valley City, UT | 800-316-5342

At Hydra-Check™, we manufacture and engineer a huge selection of diagnostic instrumentation for hydraulic components and systems. Since 1990, we have supplied high quality flow metering solutions for technicians and maintenance personnel, and it is our goal to provide outstanding equipment to make their job safer and more effective. We stock all kinds of flow meters and indicators to satisfy your application requirements. Check out our online catalog or give one of our representatives a call today to learn more!

Clark Solutions

Hudson, MA | 978-568-3400

With a diverse product offering, Clark Solutions can provide you with the industrial instrumentation you need! Along with high quality pumps and valves, we also offer many different kinds of flow meters and other measurement components. Our flow meter offering includes ultrasonic, variable area, turbine, gear, vortex, and many other flow meters, and we also supply flow indicators and switches. Visit us online for more information or give us a call!

Aalborg Instruments & Controls

Orangeburg, NY | 845-770-3000
ISO 9001 manufacturer of analog & digital mass flow meters/controllers, vortex meters, rotameters, totalizers, needle & electromagnetic valves, flow control accessories, NIST traceable flow calibration services, & experienced tech support.

Blue-White Industries, Ltd.

Huntington Beach, CA | 714-893-8529
Manufacturer and designer of variable area flowmeters, digital electronic meters and, chemical metering injector pumps.

Fox Thermal Instruments

Marina, CA | 831-384-4300
Thermal mass flowmeters for air and gas measurement. Inline and insertion models available.

Sure Flow Products, LLC

Wixom, MI | 248-380-3569
Flow solutions for almost all liquids, air, and gases. Products include sight flow indicators, flow rate indicators, flow transmitters, flow switches, flow meters, and flow totalizers. Technologies offered: variable area, paddle wheel, turbine, mass flow, positive displacement, differential pressure, magnetic, thermal, vortex shedding, oval gear, and sight flow. Y strainers and filters also available. Ask about our New low cost flow meters Series LC.

Great Plains Industries

Wichita, KS | 316-686-7361
Great Plains Industries is a leader in the manufacture of liquid flow meters, flow monitors, flow sensors and flow control equipment. GPI has become the flow meter supplier of choice for water meters, chemical meters, and general purpose flow measurement.

Shenitech LLC

Acton, MA | 888-738-0188
Designer, manufacturer and supplier of flow and energy measurement meters for industrial, commercial as well as residential sectors.

Dwyer Instruments Inc.

Michigan City, IN | 800-872-9141
Produces a broad range of competitively priced precision instruments for measuring, transmitting and controlling pressure, temperature, level and flow.


South Burlington, VT | 800-884-4967
Instrumart has a flow meter for virtually every application. Technologies include ultrasonic, turbine, vortex, coriolis, ultramagnetic, differential pressure, thermal, positive displacement, and variable area. Let our engineers help you choose the right meter for your budget and application.


Racine, WI | 877-243-1010
Dynasonics manufactures transit time and Doppler ultrasonic flow meters, in dedicated, portable and multi-channel versions, as well as insertion magnetic flow instrumentation. Dynasonics flow meters are ideal for full-pipe liquid applications.

JLC International, Inc.

New Britian, PA | 888-358-2518
Gas & liquid turbine flow meters in PVDF, Teflon and 316L Stainless Steel for research and industrial applications.

Muis Controls

St. Albert, AB | 800-661-8823
Supplier of quality flow measurement and flow control products to the Industrial, Manufacturing, Municipal, Commercial and O.E.M. markets.

TSI Inc.

Shoreview, MN | 800-874-2811
Manufacturer of OEM flow sensors for installed applications in medical devices and industrial equipment. Laboratory-grade flow meters for research and testing applications.

Lake Monitors

Franksville, WI | 800-850-6110
Manufacturers of in-line variable area flow meters. Meters are available in Aluminum, Brass and Stainless Steel, for Hydraulic, Water, Air and compressed gas systems.

Universal Flow Monitors

Hazel Park, MI | 888-569-3090
Manufacturers and suppliers of liquid and gas flow meters, flow rate indicators, transmitters, remote readouts and flow solutions for use by industry.